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In my role as the Chief Brand Officer at honeygrow, one of the ways we connected with each local community was to capture each region's personality via original content. From inside our restaurants and kitchens, to the farms and purveyors we supported, our goal was always the same—capture honest, authentic and vibrant moments to showcase how an amazing food experience can make folks happy. 
We researched the beloved, less touristy glimpses of each area and then shot unique vignettes, cityscapes, and timelapses to capture the spirit of each region through the eyes of a local. Our cityscapes play on the touchscreen kiosks and are personalized by region, while the additional video content tells the brand's 'honest eating + growing local' story across the website and social media channels.
Videos above all filmed and edited by Samuel Markey.


As an independent creative, I worked with several colleagues to create a brandy that drinks more like a bourbon—and Western Grace brandy was born.
Working with Neighborhood Film company, we filmed in the stunning Mendocino Valley in Northern California to capture the essence of the original Western Grace Brandy batch made by Germain-Robin.
Video above filmed and edited by Neighborhood Film Company.
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